Become a volunteer

Everybody above 18 years have the opportunity to become Online Befrienders

The most important thing is that you are interested in the matter, want to make a difference and help create meaningful dialogue and development with seniors.

Both nonmembers an members from volunteerorganisations and associations are welcome as volunteers – We ensure an organizational framework for action, a social community.

If you would like to be volunteer, mail to: mrk. “I want to be volunteer”

The opportunity to become Online Visitor Week will especially attract:

  • Everybody interested in exploiting digital platforms to make the society a better place
  • Everybody interested in high degrees of freedom and flexibility
  • People who, because of their education or job, do not have the opportunity to be a visitor to the traditional way
  • Young and elderly with disabilities, which may be a visiting subject from their own place of residence

When you volunteer as an Online Befriender you will both be able to help people living very close to you and people living far away