The target group and the Online Befriender solutions are divided into three categories:

Online Befriender Orange, Online Befriender Green and Online Befriender Blue (coming soon).

Online Befriender Orange is our general solution dealing with the broader group of lonely citizens (seniors, teenagers etc.).

Online Befriender Green is specifically for lonely citizens with social or psychologic needs.

Online Befriender Blue (coming soon) is for other groups with special needs – for example, families affected by diabetes or cancer.

It is the municipality’s outreach employees who, together with the individual citizen, agree on participation and ensure the necessary introduction to the Online Befriender.

Utilizing the latest research connec can assess and track the users’ level of loneliness according to the global and scientifically acclaimed UCLA Loneliness Scale.

Additionally, connec can assess and track English speaking users’ level of depression and social anxiety. This will also be possible to do with Danish speaking users very soon, and connec is currently awaiting the official Danish translation of these scales.

The reason to track all three aspects of the users’ mental welfare is, that research points to potentially highly significant connections between loneliness, depression and social anxiety.