About connec ApS

connec is a Danish company working globally and the partner group counts a number of experienced actors in the field of service development, volunteering, design and IT, all of which have a common goal of helping to improve the lives of vulnerable groups.

Today there are unique opportunities for creating results by thinking cross-sectoral, unconventional and involving and embracing new technology and civil society. connec supports this development.


connec’s mission is to increase the quality of life for vulnerable groups.


connec´s vision is to develop and implement solutions that are based on innovation, technology and co-creation between citizens, municipalities, companies and organisations.

The connec team

  • Steen Guldager
    Steen Guldager

    Chief Medical Officer
    +45 40 14 49 00

  • Torben Brandi
    Torben Brandi

    Senior Advisor; Public Government
    +45 20 78 60 29

  • Sebastian Dammark
    Sebastian Dammark

    Director IT & Senior partner
    +45 26 25 33 41

  • Dan Sunesen
    Dan Sunesen

    Director IT & Senior partner
    +45 27 29 40 33

  • Jan Ravholt
    Jan Ravholt

    connec Australia
    Senior advisor

  • Robert Riedel
    Robert Riedel

    Senior Consultant
    +45 31 52 03 00

  • Flemming Munch
    Flemming Munch

    CEO & Co-founder
    +45 71 72 70 81

  • Anders Geert-Jensen
    Anders Geert-Jensen

    Chairman & Co-founder
    +45 28 44 71 30

The team behind connec has for many years worked on developing and implementing services aimed at enhancing quality of life and learning among vulnerable groups.

The projects have typically been based on and based on complex relationships with a number of contemporary actors, voluntary and ambitious goals to make a difference and support the cohesion of society.

connec’s team has e.g. been responsible for project development and operation of Lektier Online targeted children in vulnerable residential areas. The solution is subsequently extended to upper secondary schools. Over five years, the project has helped more than 35,000 students, and continuously has 500-1,000 volunteer students as assistants. Lektier Online has obtained more than 30 million DKK in support of public and private funds plus payment from participating institutions. The satisfaction of both volunteers and students has been on average at approx. 80%.