Solutions that increase quality of life


connec develops and implements innovative solutions increasing quality of life eg. fighting loneliness in cooperation with citizens, municipalities, companies and organisations.


connec offers best in class organisational and professional development courses for organisations that work with vulnerable citizens


connec conducts onsite psychological and social assessment and counselling in complex cases.

Online Befriender

Innovation and compassion are beautifully combined in Online Befriender.
Today, loneliness is one of the most dangerous and widespread ailments in the world, and while it has excessive social, psychological and economic costs, loneliness ultimately cost lives. Meaningful conversations are an extremely effective way to fight loneliness and that is exactly what Online Befriender supports. The solution provides a safe online platform for volunteers to meet up via video-chat with citizens, who have a need and a wish for more social relations.

Clinical social psychological assessment

Successfully increasing the quality of life of our most vulnerable fellow citizens, with complex and challenging problems, requires a deep understanding of the individual person and the actual living conditions.
Providing a thorough, professional and comprehensive assessment, and on this basis,
a precise functional profile, can guide us to the most effective approach to the person,
thus increasing the quality of life and the most effective use of the help system resources.

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