Anyone above the age of 18 has the opportunity to become an Online Befriender. The most important thing is that you want to make a difference by engaging in meaningful conversations with others.

The Online Befriender platform facilitates conversations between volunteers (Online Befrienders) and users (lonely people – some with special needs). The volunteers and users find each other through mutual areas of interest, ensuring common ground upon which they can start their conversation. They talk via live voice or video chat, and the platform enables them to share images etc. with each other during the conversation.

Both non-members and members from volunteer organisations and associations are welcome as volunteers – We ensure an organizational framework for action and a social community.

The opportunity to become an Online Befriender may appeal to:

  • People interested in utilizing digital platforms to make our society a better place.
  • People interested in engaging in volunteer work and a social community while having a high degree of freedom and flexibility.
  • People who, because of their education or job, do not have the opportunity to be a volunteer or visitor in the more traditional way.
  • People who, due to physical circumstances, e.g., a disability, benefit from being able to engage in volunteer work from their home.
  • People who are passionate about fighting loneliness and want to make a difference by connecting with others through meaningful conversations.

When you volunteer as an Online Befriender you will not only be able to help and engage with people living very close to you, but also people living faraway.

If you would like to be a volunteer, mail to: mrk. “I want to be a volunteer”