Welcome to Psychology.

Psychology specialises in psychological and social assessment and counselling in complex cases. Primarily cases, where the local treatment system has come to a ‘dead end’ in the case.

With a clear focus on the most marginalised citizens, who often have a fragile relation to the treatment service system and society in general, we produce comprehensive functional profiles required for providing adequate support and treatment. We conduct the assessment processes in close collaboration with the marginalised citizens, in their actual living environments, be it in their own home, psychiatric ward, prison, the homeless environments, etc.

A profile typically involves profiling social, neuropsychological/cognitive, psychiatric and general character aspects including resources and problems in the functional profile, including problems with addiction and criminal behaviour if relevant. In most cases, local municipalities use our services, but we also work with enterprises and private individuals.

We provide specialist services to VISO, the National Board of Social Services, with regard to assessment and counselling in complex cases. Additionally, Center for Social Psychology provide therapy, supervision (for leaders and psychologists), training, lectures and consultancy.

Since 1995, Steen Guldager has participated in a broad range of expert and task groups for, i.a., the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health, their respective agencies as well as the Local Government Denmark.