Welcome to  Befriender

Research documents that having meaningful conversations with other people is vital in order to prevent loneliness, and that loneliness results in reduced quality of life while significantly increasing health costs. That is exactly what Befriender does.

Our ambition is to contribute with concepts that strengthen and maintain the user’s courage and desire to participate in social activities and active citizenship, while bringing their own competencies into play. Ultimately, the goal is that the target audience evolves to be part of the solution and not the challenge.

connec’s solutions provide users with “help-to-help-yourself”, while utilizing new technologies and innovative ways to collaborate and co-create. Thereby, creating active citizens, who can contribute to society’s cohesion.

Befriender is a digital platform that facilitates meaningful conversations between its users (lonely citizens – some with special needs) and educated and certified volunteers. The platform enables the volunteers and users to find each other through mutual areas of interest – ensuring common ground upon which they can start their conversation.
They talk via live voice or video chat, and the platform enables them to share images etc. during the interaction.