Important facts

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  • Loneliness can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, depression, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Loneliness has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity

    Sundhedsstyrelsen (The Danish Health Authority)
  • The effect of loneliness on life expectancy can be compared to well established risk factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption

    J. Holt Lunstad 2010; Social relationship and mortality risk
  • Prolonged loneliness can reduce or completely destroy our social skills

    Mary Fonden (Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary's Foundation)
  • Prolonged loneliness resembles a state of stress and is harmful for our bodies

    Mary Fonden (Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary's Foundation)
  • Denmark's annual health costs were approx. 150 billion Danish Krones in 2014 - the equivalent of ca. 11% of BNP.

    Folketingets Sundheds- og Ældreudvalg (The Health and Senior Citizens' Committee, Denmark)
  • Do not design for old — design for all. It’s important not to presume older generations don’t know how to use technology

    Charlotte Yeh; medcitynews 2018
  • One in four Australians are lonely, which affects their physical and mental health

    Michelle H. Lim 2018; The Conversation
  • Senior citizens’ social relations can be improved by implementing information and communication technologies

    Bionik & Menke 2015; Societal Participation of the Elderly
  • Loneliness can have serious consequences for the individual and is associated with lower self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, mental and physical disorders.

    Sundhedsstyrelsen (The Danish Health Authority)